On the Farm

Raking and baling At Sheeder Cloverleaf Dairy, we are trying to balance our soils so that the forage the cows harvest and we mechanically harvest is full of nutrition. By doing this, we feel the cows benefit by staying healthier, and we benefit from this financially. We hope the consumers of our products appreciate this and benefit from this also.

Compost Section

Composting Some of the ways we are balancing the soils are through soil testing and adding nutrients in small amounts and sometimes in fairly large amounts to the soils. We also compost our bedding pack from the winter housing for the milking cows and from the feeding areas from other groups of dry cows and heifers.

Pasture We do use some nitrogen on our pastures, but not a lot. It seems the timing of application can make some difference in the results of the nitrogen and the other foliar nutrients we apply.

This is just a short look at how we care for the soils on our farm.

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