The Way We Raise Cows

Cows Being a grass-based dairy farm, all of our acres on our farm are in grass and legumes. During the growing season, the cows go to a different paddock (patch of grass) after every milking. It is sized to satisfy their grass needs for a 12-hour period. In the paddocks, they also have access to fresh water. They are fenced in with portable polywire fence which is easily built. We rotate them throughout the entire farm strategically.

Leaving the parlor The cows walk on paths to and from their paddocks so they are getting good exercise each day, too. It is quite a sight watching them walk to and from each paddock morning and night. More so in the evenings, they frolic by running and leaping into their new paddock.

Portable Shades In the heat of summer, we pull portable shades to their paddocks. This offers relief from the sun as they need it. The less stress they experience, the better they feel, and the more milk they are able to produce. It's just a natural and common sense approach to daily care for the cow.

In the winter, they have access to hoop buildings which shelter them during severe weather conditions. Often on a calm day, they'll just lay out in the sun on bedding to keep warm.

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