Our process is simple:

Pasteurizer We VAT PASTEURIZE our milk, which means we take it to a certain temperature (for most milk, it's 145 degrees) and hold it there for 30 minutes. This is said to kill the bacteria in the milk, but it's not so hot that it "kills" all of the good bacteria found in milk.

Homogenizer From the pasteurizer, we pump the milk through the HOMOGENIZER which breaks up all the fat globules so the cream is uniform in the milk and does not float to the top. After the homogenizer, the milk flows through the PLATE COOLER which instantly cools the milk down to 36 degrees or so. The faster we can cool it, the better the quality of the milk.

Bottling Machine From there, we BOTTLE it in returnable, refundable glass half gallon bottles, for the most part. We do bottle cream in quart size glass bottles, as well. The glass bottles are environmentally and ecologically friendly. With all the talk about being "green", we truly are green as grass.

RINSE/RETURN BOTTLES for $2.00 Deposit